Each year over 17,000 abortions take place here in Washington State.
Our community is not exempt.

1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

The Department of Health reports over 17,000 abortions take place here in Washington State each year. Our community is affected by these statistics. In 2015 Lewis County was ranked the 3rd highest in abortion rates per capita. In 2016 Lewis County was ranked the 9th highest. While we celebrate the decline in abortions among Lewis County residents, we still recognize the need to make an impact and create a community in which every life is valued.

As abortion has become more accessible, the most heart-breaking lie a woman can believe is that abortion will be a quick, no-regrets solution to a pregnancy she is overwhelmed by. One of the greatest gifts we can give her is the truth that she has TIME to make a choice she can live with. Did you know in Washington State a woman has the right to choose an abortion at any point in her pregnancy prior to fetus viability (approximately 23-24 weeks)?

A woman deserves time to be informed, ask questions, and deeply consider her options. She is worth that much, and the life of her unborn child is worth that much.

At Possibilities, she will be informed of all of her options, given time to consult nurses, armed with community resources, and afforded the opportunity to receive beneficial education and material support throughout her pregnancy and during those early days of motherhood. We will not merely encourage her to choose life for her child, but we will come alongside and empower her in doing so. All of these services are FREE for her, thanks to our Hope Happening partners like you.

As each woman discovers her value as an individual and loves her children, a ripple effect begins as the value for life is passed along to the next generation. One story at a time, our community is impacted by the value of life.

It costs $35 per month or $420 per year  to provide services to each new client. Learn more about partnering with Hope Happening.

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